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Our Story

Randy's Diner opened to the public on May 5th, 1997. It was started by Randy and Norma Vyverberg who met while working in food service together at the Grand Traverse Resort. Both Randy and Norma came in with a wealth of culinary experience that has helped Randy's Diner flourish these past 25 years.


The building has been owned and operated by many restaurants in the past including Marty's Diner, King's Burger, Mr. Doolies, The Pigs Tie, and Magee's Fish Shed. We are honored to carry on the legacy of this building and be a part of Traverse City history.

Family is what makes the diner special and has led to our success. In the photo to the right you can see all the family that has worked at the diner over the years (many of whom still work here!). Each have brought something special to the restaurant to make us who we are. Randy's Diner is now owned and operated by Randy's daughter, Rebecca Peplinski.

Photograph taken in June 1961. A vehicle is parked in front of the diner building, then "Maggee's Fish Shed"!
Aerial photo taken in 1951 showing the corner of Carver and Garfield. The building the diner is in now had yet to be constructed!
Randy's Diner over the years.

"Family" Diner Service

We pride ourselves in providing family-like service that can't be matched.

If one of our wonderful servers remembers your name and order don't be surprised. Our focus is to provide the best possible service and give you and your loved ones a great experience every time you come through our door.


So come visit us and find out how welcoming and loving a local diner can be!


Meet the Crew

Meet the Crew section.jpg

Pictured from right to left: Randy Vyverberg (founder), Benjamin Vyverberg, Norma Vyverberg (founder), William Vyverberg, and Rebecca Peplinski (owner and manager).

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